Elmhurst root canal

Elmhurst Root Canal

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Root canal therapy in Elmhurst

Taking care of your dental health is important, and doing so can become more urgent if you happen to be experiencing any kind of oral pain or discomfort. There are plenty of things that can cause dental health concerns, and toothaches are a common reason to visit the dentist. You may have a cavity, or maybe even something more serious like a root canal infection. For Elmhurst root canal care, you can visit us here at Metropolitan Family Dental to get the endodontic care you need in order to recover.

While root canal infections often share symptoms with cavities, the treatment required to resolve each issue is different and root canals often need specialized care in order to heal properly. While root canals and cavities are both caused by decay, root canal infections are called such because they refer to an infection located at the root or center of the tooth. Treating decay in this area can be difficult due to its location and it can also lead to inflammation of the nerve ending as well. Elmhurst root canal therapy with our dentist, Dr. Michael Arma, can help target the infection and do so while keeping the tooth intact. Our offices are open Monday through Thursday, and we also have hours on Saturday as well. As soon as you notice any symptoms of oral pain or discomfort, it is wise to schedule an appointment as soon as possible. As soon as the root canal is treated, the more likely Dr. Arma will be able to salvage your tooth and the more quickly he can alleviate whatever pain you are experiencing.

For more on Elmhurst root canal care and other services we offer, just call our offices here at Metropolitan Family Dental or you can find us at 73-28 Metropolitan Avenue here in Middle Village NY.

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